About Teri Martinez, RDA

Teri Martinez | Invisalign | San LeandroTeri Martinez, RDA, qualified for her designation as a Registered Dental Assistant in 1999 and has attended many hundreds of hours of continuing education since, including courses on Advanced Invisalign and other types of clear braces. Over the last few years, Teri has concentrated on clear braces and cosmetic bonding, treating both routine and advanced cases without extracting teeth Teri now practices exclusively with Dr. Stephenson providing conservative esthetic dentistry in San Leandro, CA.

Teri is the person who organizes and runs the various charitable events the office does. Most recently, she ran the very successful 2013 Halloween Candy Buy Back Program that collected more than 150 pounds candy, over 50 DVD movies and over $150 in cash contributions to support our troops through Operation Gratitude (www.OperationGratitude.com).

Teri Martinez, RDA and Bruce Stephenson, DDS, bring their combined expertise and experience together in treating both routine and advanced cases without extracting teeth. They have very successfully treated many teenagers and adults who were told, “Invisalign won’t work for you.” You can see examples of their Invisalign cases by clicking on this link.