5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Oakland

There is no other city like Oakland in San Francisco. Nearly every traveler visits the city at least once a year. Hence, if you are planning a quick trip this weekend, here are the following things that you need to know before visiting the city.

1.    Art deco must be on top of the list

As you can notice, Oakland has separated itself from the busy city life of San Francisco. It’s a lot calmer, organized, and you’ll feel like walking straight into an art history book the moment you take a step into the city. Hence, do not forget to visit the many movie palaces in Oakland, watch the concerts hosted by the Fox Theater and make some time exploring the 1931 building.

2.    Spend your afternoon walking around the lake

Visiting Oakland is getting in touch with nature. Hence, drag yourself out of your hotel room and spend your afternoon walking around the Lake Meritt or having a sandwich picnic with your friends by the pergola. It’s also a great place for meditating and don’t forget to stop by the Saturday farmer’s market as well.

3.    Expect diversity

According to the 2010 Bay Area census, Oakland is the most diverse city with over 400,000 people from all over the world. You could see Asians hanging out at local bookshops, or Latin people painting the public trash bin, or some black people dancing on the street. There are many languages, cultures, and traditions to learn in just one city.

4.    Visit natural parks

As what we have mentioned above, Oakland offers a lot of picturesque view of nature. Hence, do not forget to visit the numerous nature parks such as Joaquin Miller Park, Tilden Regional Park, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve and many more. It’s a great place to unwind, especially if you long for a peaceful and stress-free environment.

5.    View numerous art galleries

Oakland is home to many local artists. The cheap rents of apartments and a great view of nature must’ve drawn artists to the city. These adventurous culture workers are more than proud to showcase their masterpiece at the First Friday Art Murmur. You could also take a look at the works of disabled adults who have their own gallery at the Creative Growth.

If you are an aspiring artist yourself, Oakland is a great place to find inspiration and create your own masterpiece. Plus, there are numerous local artists who would support you and help you showcase your art to the public. This is the city where artists get appreciated and acknowledged for their imaginative mind and souls.

Visit Oakland like no other! There are numerous ways you can explore the city and perhaps even start a new life here. Oakland has a lot to offer and a single week isn’t enough to get through it. So, what else would you be waiting for? Start packing your things and head straight to the city where dreams come true.