What are the best places to eat at in San Leandro, CA?

Tucked in-between Hayward and Oakland, San Leandro city may be one of the smaller urban areas in the Bay Area, but that does not mean that there are tons of places where you can eat there. Just like some of the other cities in the area, San Leandro is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. So you can basically find any sort of dish that you want in the city. In fact, if you are craving Asian food or even fusion restaurants, you can certainly find something to satisfy your discerning palate. So for more information or if you do plan on going to San Leandro City, here are a few restaurants that you may want to check out.

Ramen 101

If you have only ever tried instant ramen, then you should do yourself a favour and visit this ramen restaurant. Once you taste their freshly made ramen, you will never go back.

Full House Café

Hong Kong style cafes can also be found in San Leandro city too. And this cafe is just one of the best ones in the area. They serve great Hong Kong style coffee along with delicious Chinese dishes.


Freshly caught seafood is always delicious, right? If you love Italian seafood dishes, then you should visit this restaurant.

The Fusion Factory

Want to try out something new? Then you should visit this fusion restaurant. It serves a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, which is truly a flavourful match made in heaven.

Cinco Taco Bar

San Leandro City has got a rich Hispanic history, and it is no wonder that Mexican and Hispanic cuisine has made a mark in the city's gastronomical landscape. This Taco Bar has got some of the best-tasting Mexican dishes in the city.

 Noodles Pho Me

This Laotian Noodle House is definitely one of the best Asian cuisine restaurants in the city. If you are craving some spicy and authentic Laotian dishes, then you will not go wrong if you decide to have a bit of dinner or even lunch noodles at Pho Me.

Sons of Liberty Alehouse

Want to try a homebrewed draft? If so, then this alehouse has got some awesome ones on tap. This is a very popular gathering spot for locals during the lunch rush hour in Downtown San Leandro. And it is easy to see why, aside from the awesome ale and draft beer, they serve some great fried and comfort food as well. A lot of people also praise their brunch servings as well.

These are certainly some of the best-tasting places in the city, but the food is not the only reason why you should visit San Leandro. There are a ton of things to do, while you are visiting the city. For example, after sampling the fresh seafood dishes at the wharf, why not take a stroll? After having a brunch at the city's eateries, you could always take a nice walk through the parks and museums in the area too. There is no shortage of things that you can do while you are in this city!

Bruce Stephenson DDS