Common Mistakes to Avoid Keeping Your Teeth Clean and Healthy

Anyone would like to have clean and healthy teeth. However, we may be committing common mistakes that can hurt not just our teeth but our gums, roof of the mouth, and tongue as well. Here are the most common mistakes that you should try to avoid if you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy.


1. Brushing inappropriately

Perhaps this is the most common mistakes that people overlooked. Make sure that you brush your teeth properly. Contrary to the traditional long horizontal strokes that we’ve used to, you need to know that it can hurt your gum tissue. According to The American Dentist Association, make sure that your bristles are angled at least 45 degrees while doing short strokes—up and down or back and forth. Brushing in circular motion is highly recommended. As much as possible, avoid brushing your teeth horizontally from now on.

2. Thinking that brushing too hard will remove the dirt

No. Brushing too hard will not remove any of the food debris stuck between your teeth. Instead, it can even hurt your gums in the process. You’re not scrubbing floor or car here. Make sure that you brush gently to avoid gum recession in the process. Bleeding after brushing your teeth is already a warning sign that you should be more careful the next time around. Also, buy a toothbrush with soft bristles to ensure that you will not hurt your teeth in the process.

3. Not buying the right toothbrush

As what we’ve mentioned above, you need to buy a soft-bristled toothbrush when it comes to brushing your teeth. It can prevent swelling of the gums. This is crucial especially if you have sensitive gums. You need to buy an electric extra-soft bristle toothbrush to ensure that you’re not going to hurt your gums every time you brush your teeth.

4. Not following the two-minute rule

Discipline yourself into following the two-minute rule recommended by most of the dentists all over the world. Brushing your teeth for two minutes can assure you that you’ll be able to remove all food debris and bacteria inside your mouth. Do not brush your teeth for 45 seconds only! You can hum your favorite song while you are brushing to ensure that you’ll reach two minutes.

5. Not swapping out brushes

It is important that you learn to swap out your brushes after three to four months. No matter how much you like the electric soft-bristled toothbrush that you have, eventually, you need to repurchase another one because bacteria’s will start building up in the toothbrush. Changing heads for electric toothbrushes is imperical and make sure that the handle is clean as well!

These common mistakes can lead to dental problems, and when worst comes to worst, your dentist will shake his head because of your damaged teeth. You can visit your nearest dentist for dental check-up. If you are less confident about your smile because of discolored teeth, make sure to avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll have a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial. 

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