The 3 most common dental problems

When it comes to dental health, there are a few things that everyone should be aware of. Aside from proper hygiene, there are also some common dental problems that should be well-known. This is because these dental problems can lead to further complications. These tooth problems can cause:

  • Oral Abscesses
  • Loss of Teeth
  • Toothaches
  • Extreme Pain
  • Infections

Having any of those problems can be a huge pain, quite literally. So you may want to know of some of the various common problems that can happen with teeth.

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The truth is that many patients still do not know that decay is an infection and, therefore, is not harmless. Rather the complete opposite. When it appears, to a greater or lesser extent it destroys part of the dental structures and, it is capable of destroying the whole tooth. It is the most common chronic childhood disease and a lot of it can happen because they can appear from the moment when the milk teeth begin to sprout.

In an incipient phase, you may not realize it because they are white. If you see a yellow or black colour - that is popularly said to have a chopped tooth - it is that the decay is in an intermediate state and is destroying the enamel. Do not wait until it hurts and comes see a dentist.


It is the accumulation of bacterial plaque due to lack of hygiene, together with certain habits such as smoking. It usually has a yellowish colour quite unpleasant to the eye. In general, it is deposited on the teeth, but if you do not remedy it, it will also affect your gums. To make it disappear it is necessary to do a deep and professional cleaning that is called root scraping. With this treatment not only remove tartar that is visible on the surface of the tooth but the one below the gum line.

There are all supposedly natural remedies to eliminate it that people have to spread, although have little or no scientific basis. Neither bicarbonate, nor lemon, nor rinses with sunflower oil, nor oxygenated water, etc will work to get rid of tartar. Besides not getting anything in return, you can even damage the enamel of your teeth.


Red and bloody gums are usually two of the most obvious symptoms of gingivitis, which is nothing but inflammation of the gums. It is a periodontal disease that is not painful and usually remits easily if it is treated. If not, it can lead to periodontitis.

Bad hygiene is often the cause, but we have to say that there are certain situations such as pregnancy that can facilitate their appearance.

At the first signs of alarm, contact your dentist. There are patients who believe that it is not important that the gums bleed during brushing and has it. It is not normal and a dentist will have to rule out if you are using an appropriate brush, if your technique is good or if, in the worst case, you have gingivitis.

If you don't know what dental problem you're suffering now and want know more on how to prevent any complications, you may visit our clinic or check

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