Halitosis/Bad Breath: Cause And Treatment

One of the shameful oral problems that few people have is the "halitosis." The halitosis is the dental condition when the person has bad breath due to some factors like cigarette smoking, health issues, oral infection, or poor oral hygiene. The bad breath can be treated in several ways depending on its causes; one may need to:

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1. Change their bad habits or quit their vices such as smoking.

2. Brushing the teeth every after the meal and flushing it too.

3. Improving oral hygiene by using oral products like mouthwash.

4. Refraining from eating spicy foods and other food that has stubborn and lingering strong smell.

Bad breath can also be a symptom of serious health problems. If you think you already did your best to have fresher breath by changing your habits and brushing your teeth regularly and yet you still had bad breath, chances are you might unknowingly suffer from the following health conditions:

Sore Throat And Other Infections In The Throat

If one suffers from any throat infections, your breath will surely smell unpleasant because of the bacteria that spread and multiplies.

Gastroesophageal Reflux

If you feel like vomiting after eating and you also had bad breath, you may be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux so you better pay a visit to the specialist so they can prescribe medication for your health condition.

Diabetic And Those Who Have Liver And Kidney Problems

Having bad breath is also associated with serious health problems in liver or kidney. This could also mean that the person has high sugar. A diabetic person is also more prone to have tooth decay and tooth erosion because the sugar can significantly damage and weakens the tooth enamel.

Oral And Dental Conditions That Can Also Cause Bad Breath

Even if the person takes care of brushing and flushing their teeth, if they do not address the main oral problem they had, they will still have bad breath. Among these oral problems or conditions are the following:

1. Gum Disease And Impacted Tooth

If one neglects to pull out the decayed tooth, the infection can get into the gum, or it will also cause the adjacent tooth to decay. Being in that state, you can surely tell that the bacteria will multiply and spread causing a foul smell.

2. Uncleaned Braces And Dentures

If you are wearing dentures and braces, know that you also had the duty to clean and brush it when you brush your teeth. Aside from normal brushing of braces and dentures, it is also advisable that you should soak it in warm water to completely remove the stubborn smell from the food.

If you think you are suffering from the impacted tooth, contact Bruce Stephenson DDS immediately so he can extract the infected tooth and in this way, you can also have fresher breath. Though bad breath can be a simple dental problem, if you will not solve the problem directly to the source, you will surely keep embarrassing yourself.


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