Do’s and Don’ts When Kids Floss

Kids can be fun to hang out with because of their innocence and their pure smiles. However, no matter how cute they look like they still need guidance like learning how to properly floss. Child flossing is no joke because kids wouldn’t understand what they are doing and if you take your eyes of them for a second they might do something with the floss which doesn’t involve flossing or dental care. That is why if you want your kids to learn to floss or to learn the value of dental care, and then here are dos and don’ts for you to know when your kid flosses. 



  • do keep an eye on them

-    When you kids start learning how to floss then one thing that you can do is to keep an eye on them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you look at them intensely, you just have to make sure that you are there when anything happens. This way you can immediately assist them when they need you. 

-    Keeping an eye on your kids would allow you to see how far they would know on how to use floss. This means that you check if they already know what it is and if they do, all you need to do is to help improve any mistakes and if they don’t know what floss is then you teach them. 

  • do teach them the right way 

-    Teaching your kids how to properly floss is very important because this way they would be able to clean their teeth properly. Having proper dental care is also important because teeth help chew the food for you and without them or if you have a problem with them it can be a big problem. 
-    Another reason why you should teach them the right way is so that there wouldn’t be any floss wasted. Kids might think that the floss is a toy and without your teaching they wouldn’t know how to use it properly. 


  • don’t ignore any question or help from them 

-    You should never ignore any question from your child when it comes to them learning how to floss. If you do then they will never know how to floss and it will lead them to having teeth problems. 

  • don’t think that they would know what to do with a floss 

-    Kids are still kids which mean that once you give them something they don’t know they might think that it’s a toy. Which is why to prevent your kids from playing with their floss it would be best that you start teaching them how to use and why it’s important to floss. 

Truly, when kids floss, it can make any parent happy because they are learning the value of dental care. However, because they are still kids they would need your guidance and if you need help as well in teaching your kids about flossing then the do’s and don’ts stated above can help you in that matter. Remember that dental care is important and teaching your kids about that importance is also important.

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