Advantages of Using Invisalign

Nowadays, dental aesthetics, is very important. With the ideas of perfection with which they bombard us daily, we inevitably want to show our best aspect to the rest of people. And as it is precisely the smile, one of the most beautiful features and in which people are most fixed, we want the aesthetics of our teeth to be perfect. Thanks to technological advances we have invisible orthodontics. Look for a good treatment of invisalign!

When we think of aesthetic orthodontics, the name of Invisalign automatically comes out. However, it is true that this technique is affordable when compared with the conventional braces orthodontic technique, we find many benefits that tip the balance in favor of this aesthetic orthodontic technique.

Many adults when thinking about orthodontics fear that "back to adolescence" that promotes the aesthetics of conventional orthodontics, causing little less than a trauma. This is due to the belief that most people who wear orthodontics are at puberty, but you do not have to think that it is typical of adolescents; in fact many adults are treated every day to correct their problems in the smile. even If you are looking for the most discreet form of orthodontics, either to avoid being looked at too much or simply because you prefer to take the treatment discreetly we have the perfect solution for you: the invisible orthodontics (Invisalign).

What is Invisalign invisible orthodontics made of?

They are a series of transparent and removable aligners that are made to measure for each patient that requests the treatment. They are created so that you can move the teeth effectively and progressively to the position that the patient expects and wishes.

Each aligner moves 0.25mm in the indicated direction. These splints apply force to the teeth until the position is changed, just as if we were using braces.

Advantages and Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is invisible

This splint is made of transparent plastic, so before the eyes of any person will go unnoticed. This aesthetic advantage is a reason for weight for many patients, mainly due to the aesthetic invasion implied by the braces Orthodontic technique.

It's transparent:

Here aesthetics and personal tastes come into play. There are people who need orthodontic treatment and do not do it because they are embarrassed by age, by taste or for any other reason. With Invisalign, you have solved that problem as it is practically invisible and hardly noticeable. Smile without complexes.

Used for more treatments

The invisible orthodontic treatments are designed to correct the following problems:

  • Crowding of teeth due to lack of space.
  • Gap-toothed.
  • Crossbite.
  • Overbite
  • The protrusion or when the lower teeth protrude through the anterior-superior teeth.

Invisalign is effective

This treatment solution is really effective in correcting smile problems. Whether it's a diastema problem, bite problems (open bite, crossed, overbite, crowding ...) this technique will take your teeth to the ideal position, which will earn that perfect smile you've always sought. Likewise, well-positioned teeth are teeth that are easy to sanitize, thus reducing the risk of suffering from diseases.

Invisalign can be removed

Another thing that many people fear is not being able to perform the daily oral hygiene routine, not being able to eat normally, not being able to ... the list of "no powers" is practically infinite. Thanks to Invisalign, you can say goodbye to this problem since you can take it off up to two hours a day, more than enough time to do everything you would like to do without wearing orthodontics.

  1. At the time of eating, drinking, brushing teeth and flossing ... we can extract it with total comfort.
  2. They are made to measure, according to the needs of each patient.
  3. They are comfortable. No wires or brackets that irritate your gums.
  4. The risk of decalcification or damage to the tooth has been reduced.
  5. Much healthier gums and an improvement in oral hygiene.
  6. Orthodontic treatment much less painful than the traditional one.

How long is the Invisalign treatment?

Depending on each case, it can last from 6 months to 3 years. Everything varies depending on the patient and the problem that presents.

And the million dollar question, how much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign treatment varies a lot depending on the complexity and duration of the treatment. The best thing is that you get in touch with Dr. Bruce Stephenson and he will advise you.

 Dr. Bruce Stephenson will advise you so that you can find your invisaling treatment of invisible orthodontic so that you recover the health and aesthetics of your mouth.

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