What does smoking does to your oral health?

While most people understand the effects of cigarette smoking on their teeth or overall dental health, a lot of people don’t understand. Which is exactly the reason for this article. If you smoke cigarette, cigar or chew tobacco, you may be adversely affecting your health. How? Read on.

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How does smoking affect your teeth

If you smoke cigarette, you run the risk of the following:

Stained teeth

When anyone smoke cigarette, a portion of the smoke is puffed out through the mouth, the remainder circulates in the mouth and it can go on to stain the teeth after a prolonged period of time. This result in the teeth losing its naturally white color and becoming brownish yellow or even in the worst of situations becoming brownish black. This effect is usually noticed quite quickly.

Root canal issue

Research has shown that a smoker is twice as likely to have serious root canal disease than a non-smoker, due to a looseness of gum caused by smoking. Smokers are also twice as likely to lose their teeth than non-smokers.

Smoking and dental health

Although the teeth is a part of the entire dental structure that we see outside, so much more lies beneath the gum that is not seen by the physical eyes. This does not in any way stop the effect of cigarette smoking on the dental health of anyone who indulges in the habit. The effect of smoking on dental health include:

Risk of dental cavities, mouth pains

If smoking is continued for an extended period of time, the smoker runs the risk of having dental cavities and severe mouth pains caused by the interaction of chemicals in the cigarette with the cells of the mouth. Tobacco contains an abrasive element that wears down the surface of the teeth over a period of time, this causes holes in the teeth. 

Reduced effectiveness of gum treatment

Smoking does not only cause its own problems; it prevents other problems from getting solved too. An avid smoker will have problems getting gum problems solved effectively. This is because over a period of time, the gum would have become weakened by the activity of the cigarette and this will not allow for effective gum treatment.

Smoking and general health

Reduction in effectiveness of white blood cells

Anyone who smokes cigarette or cigars gradually wear out the capacity of the body to fight ailments and diseases. This results in an increased rate of disease infiltration, it also slows down the rate at which the body recuperates after a major illness. Smoking generally affect the number and potency of white blood cells.

High risk of cancer

People who smoke cigarette run a high risk of oral cancer, smokers are also three times more likely than non-smokers to develop other types of cancer. 

Like the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Taking the first step towards elimination of smoking can start today, your decision is all that matters.


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