Difference Between Clear Braces vs. Aligners

Perhaps, you have memories of your childhood years wherein you saw your sibling or a relative wearing clear braces or aligners. As you grew up, it made you question the difference between clear braces vs. aligners. If this is how you feel towards the dilemma, it is best that you know its difference, how it works and its benefits. First of all, you must understand these two options are great to treat the different issues that lie behind every purpose of having a clear brace or aligners and to maintain that smile on your face.


What are aligners?

This is a treatment option best for both adults and teenagers. It helps the teeth to stay in place without having to extract. This is wearable for at least 22 hours a day, and it is important that you change it for every two weeks with a new pair. Treatment usually takes place within nine months to 1 year. To determine if you are a good candidate for envisaging, it is a great option for you to seek an orthodontist that supports this kind of treatment.

Clear braces- this is also known as ceramic braces because this is made out of ceramic material. This can either come in transparent or anything that could match your preference. This is works almost the same with metal braces. How does it work? The brackets are positioned to your teeth and are connected through an arch wire where the pressure is enforced on your teeth. It guides your teeth have a proper alignment.

Here is the following difference between clear braces vs. aligners.

1. Aligners are more transparent- this has a virtual transparency which is why most patients would prefer this type of treatment. No one can eventually notice it unless you mention it.

2. Aligners can be removed- the difference with the aligners from the clear braces is that you can easily remove it while doing your routine oral care. This keeps your teeth healthy while you are still on treatment. It is also best that you remove it while you are eating.

3. Most clear braces only take few adjustments- ideally, aligners needed to change every two weeks while clear braces need to be adjusted every four weeks. So, this means that you'll have frequent visits to your dentist.

4. Treatment is more extensive compared to clear braces- mind you, aligners are more developed to treat a variety of cases, here are an example of treatment in aligners:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded
  • Underbite, overbite and open bite.

5. Most of the clear braces are brittle- ceramic materials are slightly brittle which makes it very susceptible to breaking or chipping.

6. Soft tissues can be irritated by clear braces- it irritates the lips and cheeks.

7. According to dentist in San Leandro, you can’t fix the bottom of your teeth if you are on clear braces

8. Clear braces can also stain your teeth.

Now that you have a better understanding between clear braces vs. aligners, it is best that you ask your dentist as to which is best for you.


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Are There Braces Good for People With an Active Lifestyle?

The only practical way to fix a tooth or jaw misalignment is through the use of braces. However, not everyone wants to wear braces, since braces may not suit those people with an active lifestyle. Invisalign clear braces may be an alternative for those people with a more active lifestyle. Invisalign clear braces are your best option, especially if you are a person with a very active lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, Invisalign clear braces are clearly the superior option for anyone that wants to correct the alignment of your teeth. These are the following reasons why people with an active lifestyle should consider wearing Invisalign clear braces.

Why are These Braces Ideal For Those With an Active Lifestyle?


Invisalign clear braces are completely transparent. So you will not feel self-conscious at all when you are wearing them. You could go about your normal active lifestyle activities, with no worries at all, since no one will notice your Invisalign clear braces.

Easily Removable

The best feature about these Invisalign clear braces for people with more active lifestyles is that they are easy to remove. You can pop them out of your mouth whenever you need to eat. This could let you go camping and have a nice outdoor meal, with the worry of damaging your braces.

Floss Easily

To floss with traditional braces, you would need to use some kind of special flosser. There would be no problem if you had Invisalign clear braces. Not only is Invisalign clear braces good for people with a more active lifestyle, it also lets you conveniently floss your teeth as well. When you need to floss your teeth, you can just remove the Invisalign clear braces.

How do Invisalign Clear Braces Work?

Invisalign clear braces work pretty easily. These are basically aligners for your teeth, which are custom fit to you. Each week these aligners are adjusted for how much your teeth have shifted. This would equal to a shorter treatment time, which is perfect for anyone that has got a more active lifestyle.

Are Invisalign clear braces for everyone?

Unfortunately, Invisalign clear braces are not for everyone. Even if you lead an active lifestyle, these Invisalign clear braces may not be for you. This is because these kinds of braces are not for people that have got a wide tooth gap. It is also not meant for people that are having a severe issue with their bite. So you may want to check with your dentist, to see if these kinds of braces really are for you. 

For anyone who leads a more active lifestyle, Invisalign clear braces are definitely the superior alternative to traditional braces. People with an active lifestyle, will not have to worry about Invisalign clear braces when they are camping, playing sports or doing any other kind of intense activity. They can simply keep on doing what they normally do, which is leading a more active lifestyle. Invisalign clear braces will not be as cumbersome as a traditional set of tooth braces. You would still be able to lead quite an active lifestyle if you wore Invisalign clear braces.

Click here to know more about Invisalign clear braces.

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Phase 1 and Phase 2 Braces - Why You Don’t Need It

Everyone wants to have perfectly aligned teeth and every parent wants their kids to have a great smile.  As a parent, you do not want your kid being too shy to smile because they are not confident with how their teeth look. Parents make sure they set their kid's dental appointment regularly to fix problems like this.  Dentists might have suggested that your child must get braces so that they can achieve a smile they can be proud of.  They might have mentioned the phases they must take to achieve a wonderful smile. 

You may also have considered getting one but here are the reasons why you should opt phase 1 and phase 2 braces out.

Braces may be too costly if you have to take two phases. These treatments cost too much and not everyone can afford it the reason why you don't need it.

Another reason why you don't need these phases is that it influences the jaw growth.  Since it will affect how your teeth will grow there are chances that it can worsen the alignment of the teeth if not done properly.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 causes more pain and discomfort which is another reason why you don't need it. Since you have to take two phases, you will experience pain in a longer period of time. You cannot hasten the phases because it takes time. Imagine yourself being in that kind of pain for so long!

The fourth reason why you don't need these two phases is that it may cause embarrassment and lower your self-esteem even more. For some people, braces are signified as a geek look. There are a lot of people being bullied just because they have braces, imagine having one for a long period of time.

 You don't need it because it can actually add more damage to your teeth. There are times that having braces cause your teeth's root to detach itself which causes it to die. Since braces are fixing the alignment of the teeth there is a high possibility that it can damage the enamel of the teeth.

Lastly, there are some studies that prove, phase one and two are not really necessary because it is better to fix the teeth alignment once all the permanent teeth are out.  You don't need two phased teeth alignment because it cannot be fixed if all of the permanent teeth are not out yet. Younger people tend to have softer tissues which make the two phases irrelevant. No matter how much you avoid the misalignment, it will still occur and the best way to correct it is when everything is already permanent.

Two phased braces cost too much and may not be even practical at all. You don't need to spend too much because there are other options that your dentist can give all you have to do is ask. If you want more options, visit our homepage for more information



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