Want faster results? Accelerated Invisalign may be an option for you.

The concept of clear braces has been around for over 40 years. Invisalign gets the credit for creating computer hardware and software to make this technology faster, more comfortable and much more practical.

Some recent Invisalign research has created a patented plastic aligner material and when you combine that with advanced computer techniques we can move teeth even more quickly.

Straightening your teeth can now happen even faster!

Frequently Asked Questions about Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment


What is Accelerated Invisalign?

It is a new technique to speed up Invisalign treatment. It does not work in call cases, but when it does, it can cut the treatment time by as much as half.

If I already stared Invisalign, can I switch to Accelerated Invisalign?

Yes. Patients can easily “graduate” to Accelerated Invisalign and there is no additional charge.

Do I need new impressions or different aligners for Accelerated Invisalign?

No, not if you are “tracking” properly with your existing aligners.

Can everyone do Accelerated Invisalign?

No, unfortunately not.  But we will be happy to discuss this option with you and explain how it differs from “normal” Invisalign

Accelerated orthodontics cost?

The good news is that the treatment cost is the same at our office. Patients can easily graduate to accelerated Invisalign without additional charge.

Dr. Bruce Stephenson is in the top 3% of the Invisalign providers in the Bay Area. His treatment plan is flexible to meet patient’s busy life style.