Is Bay Area, California a good place to live?

Bay Area, California, is most often referred to as San Francisco Bay, in California State, USA.

It is one of the populous counties in the state.  It is a suburban county and filled with modern architecture and structures.  But, tourist should not misjudge it as a dull county, because it has a lot to offer, when it comes to tourism.  It is the home of many land marks, such as the golden gate bridge.  It houses some national parks and so with the presence of several museums, where you can see or glance their culture.

Is Bay Area, California a good place to live?  This is a million dollar question for those first timers in the area and for those foreigners, who are planning to migrate in the U.S, particularly, the bay area.  This article, will take a glimpse of this county in a general manner, to give you an idea whether this place is indeed a good place to live.

  1. Location.  The Bay Area is a county in California.  It is surrounded by many big and developed cities and towns in the area.
  2. Population. The county is one of the most populated in the California area and even in the whole country.
  3. Education.  The Bay Area is a host to some colleges and Universities in the U.S.
  4. Industries. As it is considered to one of the economically developed county, it is home to headquarters of the fortune 500 companies.  It has many companies from such industries as oil and gas, tourism, heavy equipment and metal.
  5. Basic facilities. The Bay Area, as developed as it is, boosts of a number of good hospitals and other medical facilities in the area. Along with the medical facilities, it also has several big markets, where people can buy their goods.  There are also the presences of the so many churches or a place of worship for any religious organizations.


For tourism purposes, bay area has many hotels that operate in the area, which ranges from the most expensive and well known hotel brand, up to the standard economy motels.  The bay area has them all.

  1. Recreation and Leisure. With the business of life now a day’s, one will not hesitate to ask about the leisure and recreational facilities in the bay Area. As one of the most visited by tourists, foreign or locals alike, it has what it takes to relax and buy time.  It has national parks for the nature lovers and those who love sightseeing.  It has the trails and mountains for the adventure seekers, who love to hike and sweat it out. For those who want to pamper themselves, they have all kinds of sauna and spa you will require.  For the city lovers, you can just visit their malls, shopping centers, theaters, movie houses and a vast array’s of restaurants.  Oh, the beach, they may not be consider a beach county, but they still have something to offer.
  2. Safety. As modern as it is, it has all the features of a safe county, where its people can sleep well and walk around safely.
  3. Infrastructures. The county is inter-connected by modern and wide highways and expressways. They also have bridges all over the county, giving it a more accessibility, from any point of entry or exit.

Whatever is your requirement, before migrating to the Bay Area, you will never go wrong. It’s like a one stop shop. A one place has it all.