Oakland City Travel Guide

Compared to other cities you can find in San Francisco, rest assured that Oakland had preserved their precious culture reflected in the daily lives of the citizens, the mannerisms, the views, and the architecture. If you want to get in touch with nature and break free from the lights and machines in the cities, allow us to be your travel guide in visiting Oakland City.

What to see

1.    Picturesque art deco movie palaces

When it comes to cinemas, the Oakland’s bright and curved neon signs will immediately pop inside your mind. Visit the Grand Lake Theater at 3200 Grand Ave every Friday and Saturday evenings for a remarkable film experience. An old Wurlitzer will assist you into the 30,000-seater movie palace. You can choose anything you want from stand-up comedy to jazz, to the historic theater to golden-age movies everyone just loves. This theatre venue is a great end of your week and practically the best activity you can do while you are in Oakland.

2.    Shopping at Temescal Alley

Fond of shopping? You have come to the right place! The Temescal neighborhood will offer you two streets packed with different shops that you can explore all day. You can find almost anything—books, jewels, trinket treasures, music CD’s, bespoke furniture design, sewing machines, and even a bear barber shop. You will not go home empty-handed after shopping around. So better prepare a comfortable pair of shoes and clothes because it’s going to be a long day.

3.    Visit the oldest Disneyland

That’s right! The oldest amusement park in the United States is situated in Oakland. This amusement park is the main inspiration of Disneyland. For children and children-at-heart, you can hang out with Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit, and other known characters. You can relax and watch a puppet show and take aesthetic pictures of the park.

4.    Join the festival of arts

Who wouldn’t want to miss the showcasing of creativity in the city? It is now called the Art Murmur. It covers up to 40 locations and one of the most popular street festival in the city, you can check out the different masterpieces from young artists and listen to indie songs you have never imagined!

5.    Dine in Camino

After a long day, reward yourself with a Cali-Med-Asian cuisine at Camino. The chef gained a national reputation, you can rest assured that they can serve you good food. For starters, I highly recommend you choose the smoked black cod, oyster and green-garlic stew with creme fraiche; wood-oven roasted whole rockfish with kale cooked to perfection. Truly, restaurants near our San Leandro office has a lot to offer. It’s the best restaurants you could go if you are craving for wooden-oven dishes.

Oakland has a lot more to offer than this! It’s the perfect getaway you deserve after working so hard. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and families and set a trip to the city as soon as you can. Click here if you're planning a trip in Oakland City. You don’t want to miss the fun this city can offer, don’t you?