Invisalign Vs Metal Braces


Invisalign Vs Metal Braces: Which One Is Better?

So, you want your teeth straightened? Good news, you have a few options that you can consider. There’s the traditional option of metal braces, and there’s also the option of Invisalign. When you’re comparing the two, there are a few things that you need to consider. Ask yourself questions. “Which one fits in my budget?” “Which one will give me better results?” Look at the situation from all angles before choosing what orthodontic service is best for you. 

The Basics of the Argument

Both metal and clear braces are designed for one simple purpose: straighten your teeth and improve the health of your mouth. Metal braces have been around for quite a while, so the research on their effects is more comprehensive and is shown to work. Invisalign just started being used in the early 2000s, so the treatment doesn’t have the same amount of history as traditional braces.

Braces are made from metal brackets that are connected to your tooth with glue and held together by wires and rubber bands. Nowadays you can get brackets that can match the color of your teeth, which can make them less noticeable. You can go in the opposite direction as well and get them in bright, vibrant colors to make a fashion statement.

Invisalign is very different. They’re made to be completely invisible. Clear braces are trays that are made from clear plastic that is put on your teeth. They’re smooth and comfortable, and they gently move your teeth into the correct position. To get the perfect match for your teeth, your orthodontist will take X-rays of your teeth and send them to a lab so that the trays are molded to fit your teeth exactly.

Deciding Which One Is Best for You

Each type of braces has their own advantages and disadvantages, but they both serve the same function. While they both do the same thing, it’s important to consider the pros and cons to determine which option is best for you.


Invisalign Advantages

● They’re clear, so it doesn’t look like you’re doing anything to your teeth.

● You wear them 22 to 24 hours every day for about 16 months.

● Can change trays by yourself every 2 weeks, and only has to visit the orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks.

● Food doesn’t get caught in your braces.

        Invisalign Disadvantages

● They can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $9,000. Though, there are many payment plans available for those who want Invisalign but can’t afford such a steep price.

● You have to remove your trays when you drink anything besides water and when you eat.

● Not ideal for those with bridgework, the need to move teeth vertically, the need to rotate premolars and canines, and back tooth bite issues.


Metal Braces Advantages

●  If teeth need to be extracted or if jaw surgery is necessary to correct jaw alignment, metal braces work better than Invisalign or other types of clear aligners.

●  Metal braces are more effective for complicated issues.

●  There’s no temptation to leave your braces off since they can’t be removed.


         Metal Braces Disadvantages

●  You can experience pain and discomfort from the brackets, wires, or general tooth movement.

●  Metal braces can lead to possible discoloration and breakage.

●  You’re limited in things that you can eat. You can’t eat sticky or hard foods.

●  It’s not ideal for those who play contact sports that are particularly rough.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to improve your teeth for a straight and healthy smile, consider which option is the best for you. Most of our patients prefer Invisalign because of their comfort, ease, and improved hygiene and appearance. For those looking for Orthodontic services in San Leandro, CA, consider seeing Bruce Stephenson, DDS. Contact us today to see if Invisalign is possible for you!