Places of Interest in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area in California, or sometimes known as Bay Area, is a county of the state of California. It is a favorite place to visit by tourists, because of its many cultural heritages.  There are also world known land marks in the area.  Its mixed race population, and tourist friendly environment is a key factor, for it becoming a tourist attraction. It also boosts of its healthy economy.  Some of the cities and towns of the Bay Area, California are Oakland, San Leandro, Castro Valley and San Francisco.

Below are the lists of some of the places of interest in the Bay Area.  There are actually plenty of them, but, here are just a few of them.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge – is considered the west coast and the city’s most visited attraction in the bay Area.  The structure connects San Francisco and Marin Counties.  It is one of the most known tourist attraction, not only in the U.S, but in the whole world as well.
  2. Ferry Building Marketplace – a public marketplace, which composed a variety of food centers or restaurants.  If you are a food lover and you happened to be in the area, you should visit this place. This is the place to taste the local food, blend with the culture and meet new friends.
  3. Golden Gate Park - This is for the nature and garden lovers. For those who just love to set down in the grass or who wanted to relax with your lover beside you, this is the right place for you.  This is also a good place, for those who have children with them.  They can just let their children play around, while they wait nearby.
  4. Exploratorium – this learning laboratory features hundreds of exhibits.
  5. Cable Cars – considered as a National Historic Landmark, it is a good thing to try. If you want to see San Francisco in its fullness, all you need to do is hop-in and take the ride.
  6. Mission District – this is the place you need to visit, when you want to be like a Mexican and experience a Mexican ambiance.
  7. Muir Woods National Monument – this is the place where you can see the famous red wood trees.  You can also do hiking and nature tripping the area.  It would be an amazing view to see tress as tall as 40ft to 50ft high.
  8. Alcatraz – This is the famous prison camp, popularized by the movie “The Rock”. Here you will have fresh look on the situation of the prisoners of this island in the past.
  9. Fisherman’s wharf –is a crowded tourist attraction. It is accessible through many modes of transportation.
  10. AT&T Park – Considered the home of the San Francisco giants.

These are just few of the places of interest in the Bay Area.  There are a lot more.  So, whenever you can come across the Bay Area, drop by and experience their culture.  They have some of the world known attractions, they hosts a number of museum and churches. They have several theaters and everything you need, in an economically developed community, is found in the area.