Planning to Move to Oakland? Here’s What You Need to Know

Oakland City, San Francisco’s third largest city is packed with opportunities, picturesque views of nature, and one of the most ethnically diverse major cities you could find. Now, if you are planning to move to Oakland, which is a pretty wise decision in the first place, allow us to educate you on everything you need to know about this city.

1.    Climate

Considering the fact that California is known for their beautiful weather all throughout the year, you could expect the same in Oakland City. One good thing about it is that it doesn’t fog compared to other cities you can find in San Francisco. Oakland is also rich in natural views such as lakes, falls, mountains, and there are city parks almost everywhere. With over 155 acres, you will have a lot to look forward once you’ve moved into this city.

2.    Ways of transportation

Do not worry because it’s not difficult to navigate in the city. There is public transportation such as BART but the city itself is walkable with convenience stores and shops dotted around the area. You don’t have to go far just to buy your necessities. Aside from that, you don’t need to own a car when moving to Oakland because the BART comes in every five minutes. The transportation is free from hassle and delays. Since there are few car owners around, compared to other cities, there are lots of vacant parking lots that you can use. We can testify to that. There's a lot of vacant parking lots near our East Bay San Leandro office.

3.    Cost

Perhaps one of the reasons why many people are moving to Oakland City is because of their affordability. The price rates are cheap and the rent for apartments are at reasonable price. Aside from that, as what we’ve mentioned above, you are close to everything you might need. Hence, there’s no need to include travel expense in your budget anymore. Oakland is a perfect place for people who don’t want to live in a resident-cramped area and wants a simple living in a peaceful community.

4.    Art

Another enticing factor that makes Oakland the perfect choice for you is the art. It is the home of local and aspiring artists. If you have lost track in your art, all you need to do is come home to Oakland. The locals express themselves through art. In fact, even their public trash cans are painted by the local artists. You will notice the bright and colorful flavor of the town once you set foot here.

It’s also a great destination if you are looking for a new inspiration for your piece or book. From aesthetic bookshops, cozy coffee shops, and antique dress shops, what could you ask for more?

Oakland is a home to many. If you wanted to start a new life, this is the best city you could get started with. If you still want to know more about Oakland's information, the people are very friendly to answer. Being close to nature, embracing art and diversity, saving money in the process, and a harmonious community, Oakland is truly the city of dreams.