How San Francisco become number 1 in California in economic view?

The international fame from remarkable tourist destinations of San Francisco paved its way to an economic bloom. The tourism industry has become the life-blood of the city's economic growth. The educational attainment and university performances of producing quality graduates are found here. The academic status of the place is very rewarding too. The high-end technology used for academic purposes have brought a lot of advantages in honing students awareness and technological studies. Many of its universities are performing lessons and fostering technology as the basic of promoting higher education. It has been performing to be the center of banking and finance of California. In here homed many international financial institutions making the city a great place for investment and business opportunities.

There are 3 major industries the city offers. These are in terms of technology, finances and tourism. We are already aware how amazing the city is because of the famous city fogs, Golden Gate Bridge, colorful Victorian houses, manually operated cable cars, and a lot more. There is an increase in hotel and accommodation industries because of the rampantly increasing number of tourists visiting the place. Terminal and pier projects and developments are also present to provide convenience to trade, its people and the tourists as well. Plenty of nightlife activities can be seen when roaming around the city during the night time. The city allows this setup not only to give employment to people but also to let tourists enjoy the night after nature tripping and sightseeing during the day. People can enjoy shopping, dining and a lot more entertaining activities making their whole visit worthwhile. The remarkable landmarks and sceneries make the city do well economically too. The financial services of the city has increased dramatically that is why, they are proud to welcome more than 30 national and international financial institutions. These financial institutions have helped a lot for the rise of good economic structure of the city. Many business endeavors have given chances to widen their business scopes and helped them increase their capital. These have led to increase employment rate and of course decrease the rate of unemployment.

Speaking of technology, the city has never been left behind. In fact, there are lots of online companies we know but didn't expect it originally came from San Francisco. Few to mention are pinterest, airbnb, twitter, uber and a lot more. The people's interest to technology has been spreading throughout the place and the world. This is their way of competing the market in terms of technology. San Francisco has become the center of internet breakthrough and for the succeeding increase in interest for social media. These are the reasons why the city's economic status when it comes to technology is also in place and running in the right tract. The technological aspect of the city never let other factors beat in contributing to the success of the economic figures and status of the city. There are a lot more reasons why the city has become number one and is leading in the economy of the entire state of California.