Things to do in Bay Area, California

When you happen to be in the Bay Area, California, you may wonder what to do.  With its very suburban setting and the evidence of modern technology, one may ask, if there are still places, where you can just stroll around and enjoy the view.  Or maybe, as new in the place, you might wonder, what are the things to do, in Bay Area, California.

Here are some of the many things to do in the Bay Area, California.

  1. Shopping – you can experience shopping in this county by visiting china town. You can enjoy shopping and at the same time, feel that you are in Asia.  This is one of the biggest, Asian Communities in the county.
  2. Hiking – Hiking is a good exercise and a healthy activity. Here in the Bay Area, you can visit The Presidio Trails.  You can at least spend 2 hrs to half day in the area. Enjoy the scenery and the cool and fresh air.
  3. Swimming – if you are a beach lover, you can go to the Ocean Beach or the Baker Beach.  California may not hosts the best beach, but it’s still worth a visit.
  4. Eating - There are many food shops and restaurants in the Bay Area.
  5. Nature tripping – Muir Woods National Monument is one good place to try visiting in the area.  You can see nature at its best, away from the business of the city.  It is the home of the famous redwood trees.
  6. Sight Seeing – If you want to go sightseeing and you are into photography, goo for the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is a world famous landmark of the U.S.A .

While in the Bay Area, you can also pass by some nearby cities and towns.

Try to visit

  1. San Francisco – while in San Francisco, you can also visit the wine country of Sonoma and napa valley.
  2.  Oakland – In Oakland, you can visit parks such as Redwood National park, and Joaquin Miller Park.  You can also visit Lake Merritt and Oakland Zoo.
  3.  San Leandro in San Leandro, you can rent a bike at Black Sheep Bike Rental.  You can also visit the Marina Park, Drakes Brewing Company and the Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline.
  4.  Castro Valley- while in Castro Valley, you can visit Golden Tee Gulfland, Westover Vineyard, Anthony Chabot Regional Park and many more good places in the area.

The Bay Area is a good place to shop, swim, hike, entertainment and has all the good places to eat.  You can never be bored in The Bay Area, California. As it hosts a number of colleges, universities, churches, museums, parks, beaches, there cannot be a dull moment. Plus the very well maintained highways and expressways, going around places is easier.

The Bay Area also hosts the headquarters of a hundred multi- national companies.  It makes it a very vibrant and lively place to live.  With all the luxury, comfort, services and infrastructures in can offer, The Bay Area can be considered one of the best places to live.