What you should know about San Leandro, CA

San Leandro, CA is a city in the East portion of the Bay Area. It is bordered by two other cities, Hayward to the North and Oakland to the South. It is a relatively small city in the Bay Area, with only around eighty-six thousand residents. This makes it a quiet suburban city when compared to the more urbanized areas around, such as the nearby Oakland city. It is a pleasant place to live in, and it attracts a lot of resident commuters, who need to travel to San Francisco or Oakland city for work. It is also a place that has got a rich history, as it is one of the oldest cities that were originally founded in the state of California.

History of the City

San Leandro was originally the site of a Hispanic missionary house, and it was also made up of several cherry farms in the area as well. It was founded way back in 1872, making it one of the first cities to be found in the Bay Area. Visitors to the city can still learn about the rich past of San Leandro since there are several museums such as the Casa Peralta Museum, which offers guided tours. There is also a guided tour, called the History Walk, which visitors can take to the downtown area.

How do you get around?

Getting around San Leandro city and the other nearby urban areas is pretty easy. There are several modes of transportation that you can take, which makes it convenient for residents and visitors to the area.

Public Transportation

San Leandro is a city that is pretty accessible by public transportation. It is near the Amtrak station in Oakland. Plus, in addition to the bus service lines, it has got its own local bus line that services the San Leandro area as well.


Getting to San Leandro through a car is really straightforward since there are two freeways of the Bay Area that connect to the city; these are the 580 and the 880 freeways. Both of these freeways connect directly to the downtown area of San Leandro. One of the freeways leads directly to the BART station in the city as well.

Is the city safe?

Just like its neighbouring city, Oakland, San Leandro has its share of rough areas. But in terms of crime statistics, it is actually much safer. Crime rates are lower, and there are scheduled police patrols every half hour or so. The city is also monitored by camera systems hidden in strategic locations.

What is there to do?

There is a lot to do in the city; you will also find the best Invisalign office in San Leandro. Here are some of the facilities and amenities that you can find in San Leandro:

Parks - San Leandro Marina and Shoreline, Lake Chabot Regional Park, Oyster Bay and Oyster Lighthouse, Fairmont Ridge Regional Park, Root Park

Museums - San Leandro History Museum, Casa Peralta

There are also a ton of festivals and things to do in San Leandro that you should check out, especially during certain times of the year. These are the Cinco De Mayo Festival, Cherry Festival, San Leandro Watershed Festival.