Where is Bay Area, California?

Bay Area, California is also known as San Francisco, California.  It is a populous region in the state of California, USA.  It is now home to 7.8 million people.  It contains many cities, towns, airports, associated regional state and regional parks.

The Bay Area is composed of the following county’s:

  1. Alameda – is part of the county of California. With a population of 1,510,271, it is considered as the 7th most populated county in California.
  2. Contra Costa – another county in the state in California.  It occupies part of the east bay region.
  3. Marin –Also a county in the bay area.  It hosts San Quentin Prison and George Lucas “skywalker” ranch.  It is also the home of Autodesk, the publisher of autocad.
  4. Napa – is a county north of San Pablo Bay.
  5. San Francisco –considered as the commercial, financial and cultural center of the bay area, it is also known for its cool summers, thick fog, very steep hills.
  6. San Mateo –A county in California, it has a population of 718,451.
  7. Santa Clara –The 6th most populous in California.
  8. Solano –The easternmost county in Northbay area.
  9. Sonoma -Located in southwestern, California and its largest producer of its wine country.

The Bay Area has three principal cities, namely:

  1. San Francisco – This is where the financial and business, tourism industries are found.  It is also the place, where most of the conventions are held.
  2. The East Bay – It is near Auckland, is where the metal, oil, shipping and heavy industries are found.  It is the home of most technology industries.
  3. The North bay – This place is where you can find the agriculture and wine industries.

The Bay Area is where you can find the Headquarters of the fortune 500 companies such as:

  1. Google
  2.  Apple Inc.
  3.  Hewlett Packard
  4.  Intel
  5.  Applied Materials
  6. eBay
  7.  Cisco Systems
  8.  Symantec
  9. Oracle and many more

It is also the home many colleges and universities. The following are some of those are:

  1. Santa Clara University
  2. University of San Francisco and
  3. San Jose University

Here are some cities and communities in The Bay Area, California.

a.      Castro Valley – located in Alameda County, California.  Named after Guillermo Castro, once a mexican soldier.

b.      Oakland – It is the largest city and the seat of government of Alameda, California, United States of America.

c.       San Leandro – located between Oakland and wayward, it is located in the eastern shore of California Bay.

d.      San Franciso – Located in northern California, it is considered to be the cultural, financial and commercial center of California bay.

Where is Bay Area California? It’s just a county in California.  It is a bustling community.  It also hosts different people, from different countries.  It is also a favorite place for tourists to visit, as it hosts many tourists’ destinations.

The Bay Area is also a well developed county, with its fast growing economy.  It has many highways and expressways, so going around, are not a problem at all.